The Company

Every Galeon yacht is a piece of handcrafted excellence and thanks to the unparalleled attention to detail, cutting edge technology and great designs the company has become one of the premier European boat builders. With over 40 years of experience in the business and thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world – you can be sure your next Galeon yacht will meet all your expectations.

The Galeon Yachts Experience

The Galeon Yachts UK team has created a one of a kind destination, "The Galeon Yachts Experience", at MDL's Ocean Village Marina in Southampton, the UK's only 5 Star Marina.
The Galeon Yachts Experience has a permanent line-up of the current range of Galeon Yachts which will be constantly evolving to include new models throughout the year.

Galeon Yachts VIP lounge

The Galeon Yachts VIP Lounge is a hospitality area where guests can learn more about Galeon Yachts history and enjoy movies of our latest yachts on the big screen, as well as a Design Studio created to assist customers in the process of choosing their décor from our extensive range of fabrics, woods and colours.

Galeon Yachts 40th Anniversary Celebration

As part of Galeon Yachts 40th Anniversary Celebration year, Galeon Yachts UK will be hosting exclusive VIP events throughout the year.

For more information and to register for events contact Galeon Yachts UK - or call: +44(0)23 8161 1661

Our history

Established in 1982, Galeon remains a privately owned company specializing in constructing luxury yacht and motorboats. With clear vision and steady growth we have reached employment of over 800 people working on 18,000 square meters of production and assembly halls, capable of taking on even the most ambitious projects.

New designs

Every great project starts with a bold idea to create something beautiful and unforgettable. The invaluable experience we have gained over the years allows us to be on the forefront of innovative boat builders, constantly introducing new and daring designs. With each new generation of Galeon yachts we push the limit even further.

Galeon expansion

To accomplish our ambitious plans of constant growth required an expansion of our facilities. In order to develop and construct even bigger models we built a second factory with direct access to the Baltic sea. With a private marina, that also offers berths for Galeon yachts owners, we are definitely ready for the future.

The future

Over the years Galeon yachts have gained recognition for their great designs, superb performance and uncanny level of craftsmanship. We strive to become synonymous with high quality, innovative features and perfect execution of our products. Our attention to detail and willingness to improve constantly pushes us forward.

The Galeon Yachts UK extended 5 year warranty

Galeon Yachts UK makes a committed declaration backing the quality of its products by offering a comprehensive five-year warranty. Beginning in September 2020 Galeon Yachts UK extends their warranty commitment to 2+3 years. For the first 2 years, the warranty covers the complete Galeon Yacht and for the following 3 years, the Extended Warranty, covers all major components.